Romeo paints No. 19

Original art painted by a horse.

Diary of DaVinci
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Horse-Human Relationships

  • R+ Dog Training - Even though this is a dog training website, Cathy Toft clearly shows the magic of positive reinforcement.
  • E.A.R.S. - The Equine Angels Rescue Sanctuary was established to rescue foals, mares, geldings and stallions and place them into loving homes. Check out Frank Weller's beautiful book, Equine Angels.
  • LRTC Wild Horse Mentors - Mission: To ensure appropriate and safe homes for adopted animals and a satisfying experience for adopters...
  • KBR Training Info - Fear inhibits learning so KBR works to get the horse to invest his energy in curiosity rather than fear-based avoidance.
  • NAGTrader - Articles and information on all things equestrian, emphasizing a natural approach to horsemanship with Trader section for horse & tack and forums.
  • TAGteach - Keri Gorman teaches technologies based on the science of learning and positive reinforcement.
  • Art of Natural Dressage - Pressure-free, force-free dressage.


Natural Hoof Care

  • Ironfree Hoof - Paige Poss and friends developed this site as a resource for understanding the Natural Barefoot Trim and how to get started.
  • Hoof Nexus - Daniel Hofford's website offers a comprehensive study of the hoof and equine nutrition.
  • Click and Trim - Kim Cassidy shares her insights into clicker training and natural hoof care.


  • Bitless Bridle - I wouldn't leave home without it. Romeo loves his BB.
  • Bitless Bridle UK - Sheila Lee Thompson is a UK-based Bitless Bridle Associate Clinician.
  • Bitless Equitation - Krystyna Rogers of Bitless Equitation Ltd. is a Bitless Bridle Associate Clinician.

Horse Nutrition

  • Safer Grass - Current research on nutrition and prevention of disease, especially laminitis.
  • Soy Online Services - A site for humans that questions the validity of soy as a food. I'm including this because I'm concerned about the effects of soy in horse feed.




  • Natural Encounters - Connects humans with the natural world through training wild birds using positive reinforcement.
  • Soquili Center - Ed Littlefox, a Native American traditionalist and full time Professional Equine Specialist, provides insight into the wonders of equine/human relationships.



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