Romeo paints No. 19

Original art painted by a horse.

Diary of DaVinci
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Paintings by Cheryl Ward
With her painting horses - Romeo, Juliet, DaVinci and Raleigh



We are no longer creating new paintings for sale, but we would like to refer you to someone who is! Meet Peggy Hogan and her amazing clicker trained horses. Peggy is a phenomenal horse trainer with a huge heart. Her miniature horse, Handsome, is a bona fide bell ringer for the Salvation Army. Her other miniature, McKee, has an exuberant enthusiasm for painting.

Peggy's website is a treasure trove of information and fabulous videos. I know you'll enjoy your time there as I did!

Clicker Training Horses

Meanwhile, please enjoy the gallery. If you'd like to teach your own horse to paint, see my tutorial below.

Sold Paintings & Private Collection

Field of Lilies - click to enlarge
Field of Lilies
With Romeo

Make Your Mark - click to enlarge
Make Your Mark
With Juliet

Season of Mist - click to enlarge
The Season of Mist
With Romeo, Juliet & Davinci
Soul Mates - click to enlarge
Soul Mates
With Juliet
Gently Down the Stream - click to enlarge
Gently Down the Stream
With Romeo
Rainflower - click to enlarge
With Romeo
A Thousand Miles - click to enlarge
A Thousand Miles
With Juliet - from the Lao Tzu Collection
Quest for Fire - click to enlarge
Quest for Fire
With Juliet
Revolve - click to enlarge
With DaVinci
Joie de Vivre - click to enlarge
Joie de Vivre (Joy of Living)
With Romeo
Passages - click to enlarge
With Juliet
No. 57, "Learning to Fly"
Learning to Fly
With Romeo
No. 29, "Ponies in the Surf"
Ponies in the Surf
With Romeo
Chrysalis - click to enlarge
With Juliet
Madras - click to enlarge
With Romeo
No. 16, "Snake Fight"
Snake Fight
With Romeo
Birds of Winter - click to enlarge
Birds of Winter
With Romeo
Day at the Lake - click to enlarge
Day at the Lake
With DaVinci
Dove Chocolate - click to enlarge
Dove Chocolate
With Romeo
Herd of Flowers - click to enlarge
Herd of Flowers
With Romeo
Dreamtime - click to enlarge
With DaVinci
Dance of the Blue Horse - click to enlarge
Dance of the Blue Horse
With Raleigh
Alphabet Soup - click to enlarge
Alphabet Soup
With Romeo
Cascade - click to enlarge
With Raleigh
Resurrection - click to enlarge
With Romeo

Photo recordLarge paintings on canvas include photos or a DVD

Large canvas paintings are documented with either still photographs or videotape taken during the process and come with either an 8x10 print (sample at right) or an edited DVD (sample and preview below).


Gently Down the Stream DVD



Additional segments on the DVD include, Meet Romeo/Juliet/DaVinci/Raleigh, Painting Preparation and Interview with artist Cheryl Ward.

Average running time, 13 minutes.

Watch a preview of the painting DVD Gently Down the Stream.

Teach Your Horse to PaintTeach Your Horse to Paint
By Cheryl Ward

* Free download
* Learn how to teach your horse to paint
* 10 pages (PDF)
* Print, share with friends and enjoy!

"Teaching your horse to paint is not so much about teaching your horse to wield a brush as much as it is understanding pressure-free, attraction-based training..." -Cheryl Ward


TYHTP Click Here to Download


Hoofprints of Romeo, Juliet, DaVinci and RaleighHoof Prints & Signatures

How do you get a horse to sign its name? I started by painting the sole of Romeo's hoof with water-based paint and had him step on a piece of white paper. We took that image, shrunk it down in size, and made it into a rubber stamp. Ditto for Juliet, DaVinci and Raleigh.

Each painting is stamped on the back of the painting with the hoof print of the painter.


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