Romeo paints No. 19

Original art painted by a horse.

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No. 16, "Snake Fight" 16 x 20 in.

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Snake Fight

By Cheryl Ward with Romeo
16 x 20 in.
Acrylic on black canvas
© 2004

As Romeo applied bright green strokes on this canvas, I kept hearing some strange flapping sounds. I looked to my right and saw a coiled black snake striking a large garter snake. We continued painting, and so did the flapping, about a foot from Romeo’s feet. My mind raced with images from the movies of a horse rearing upon seeing a snake, let alone two snakes fighting. Romeo, I believe, was aware of the snakes, but he kept on painting, applying the same bright shades of green and yellow and black, just like the colors of the fighting snakes. (The two snakes ultimately became one very full black snake.)

© 2004 Cheryl Ward & Sam Sharnik
Last updated January 10, 2009