Romeo paints No. 19

Original art painted by a horse.

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No. 57, "Learning to Fly" 16 x 20 in.

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Learning to Fly

By Cheryl Ward with Romeo
16 x 20 in.
Acrylic on light green canvas

Last year a cardinal family began their nest in a tiny bush outside my bedroom window. Weeks later we noticed two tiny baby cardinals nestling together in the carefully woven nest. I checked on them daily. One night a thunderstorm blew through and the next morning the nest was empty. I didn't think I'd feel such a sense of loss. I couldn't wait see these babies grow and learn to fly. When Romeo painted this painting and the two unmistakable red figures appeared it immediately brought to mind these two baby cardinals. Even more remarkable, when we returned Romeo to his stall after painting, I heard the sweet chirp of a bird I knew so well. In the tree branch above the entrance to Romeo's paddock perched a bright red male cardinal.


2004-2005 Cheryl Ward & Sam Sharnik
Last updated January 10, 2009